Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Winner Announced for Dancing With the Stars...

So I'll rip the bandaid off quick, Mya and Kelly Osborne didn't win. Who did win? Donny Osmond! I think most people over 40 will know who he is, for the rest of you, he was the equivalent of Zac Efron in the 70's. He and his sister (Marie) have managed to keep in the spotlight for the past 30 some odd years and honestly, I think that popularity didn't hurt when it came to this show.

I think this show honestly judges based on 40% talent and 60% popularity. I don't know who Mya is, then you add in the only connection to Kelly Osborne I really have is that her father, Ozzy Osborne, is one of the metal gods. Other than that her short and often annoying tenure in reality television has not made me a fan. I'm not a fan of Donny Osmond either, so I'm going with the lesser of three evils here, one I don't know, one I don't care about, and one hasn't really annoyed me in the past 10 years. I think that mentality might have fed the crowd reaction towards Donny Osmond and maybe influenced their decision a tiny bit.

Anyway I hoped you enjoyed this season, I'm sure it'll be back next year, crossing my fingers to see Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan in a dance off! I would actually tune in every week for that!

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