Sunday, November 22, 2009

Canceled Shows of 2009: Say Bye to....

So this season was chock full of new shows and though I didn't watch a few of these shows, some of them I was definitely surprised to see they were canceled.

I wasn't shocked that Dollhouse on Fox was canceled, though I was saddened. It was a good show with a strong cast and an intriguing storyline. Though I applaud Fox for giving the show a chance for a second season, I would have been happy to see a third season. I guess we will just have to wait for Josh Wheddons next show. Tip to Josh, try a different network this time.

A couple of other show's that hit the chopping block were Eastwick and Hank on ABC. Eastwick I watched a couple of episodes of but I didn't really get into it. I thought it was trite for the most part, a mix of Desperate Housewives and Charmed, but it fell short of anything spectacular. I didn't really feel for the cheesy writing or the shallow characters, so for one I expected it to be cancelled. Hank just didn't get the following it needed, I think it tried to put Kelsey Grammer into a role that people are just sick of seeing. I think they wanted to capture the success of Frasier and this show didn't do that at all.

Some shows that were already on their final leg, announced prior to the seasons starting, Monk on USA and Lost on ABC (Though a final 2010 season is set to begin running in January) will be sadly missed. I'm sorry to see both go but they have had strong runs. Monk has been one of those hidden gems that I was always glad to see come back. While Lost has had phenomenal success all around and built up a cult following that will keep the show in syndication for years. Kudos to both.

NBC also has canceled Trauma, a show that I watched only the first episode before realizing that I didn't want, nor need to watch another medical drama. A lot promotion went into this show but I think the general public had the same idea. With shows like House and Gray's Anatomy out there we don't really need another in the genre to fill our plates.

Kings, aired on NBC, was cancelled to poor ratings. For the expense of filming each episode, it could not build up a following big enough to validate the cost. Though I think this was a good show, with some fantastic actors, the premise (a modern country ruled by a monarchy) was hard for many to get into. I think it's one I'll try to catch on Hulu or DVD when it's available.

Guiding Light on CBS is also ending its final season after 57 years on the air. I'm not a soap fan but I don't think you have to be to realize the significance of that. Daytime soaps are being swept aside by daytime news (which, the way most news stations do it, are soaps in themselves) and talk shows. This is more a testament to a new generation of viewers, than poor quality.

The Goode Family, an animated series on ABC, has been picked up by Comedy Central, I haven't watched it because I have a hard enough time watching Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleavland Show (all on Fox), I didn't want to add another to my long sad list. I might give it a chance to see if it's another Family Guy, which also was canceled in it's first season, picked up by the Cartoon Network and later made it's way back to network television.

Reno 911 on Comedy Central, with it's cult following, is also on its final season. Funny show but I think it ran it's course. Congratulations to a show that ran for 6 seasons though.

There were many other shows canceled I'll keep them brief.

NBC: The Listener, The Philanthropist

ABC: Surviving Suburbia, Defying Gravity

ABC Family: Ruby & the Rockits

BBC America: Robin Hood (2006) (I actually enjoyed this show but no surprise here.)

Showtime: Brotherhood

CW: The Good Life

TBS: The Bill Engvall Show

A&E: The Cleaner

Overall a lot of good shows will be returning. I'll write a blog soon, once I'm sure there are no final cancellations before I get anyones hopes up.

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