Friday, March 27, 2015

The reality of online dating and the change in power structure.

Recent studies have shown that women are more picky about whom they interact online with than in the real world. Though men still outnumber women by a narrow wide margin (less than 3%) on dating sites, the fact is women are choosier and tend to be very selective on who they date.
Women are more likely to accept dates face to face than they are to accept a date request online. Why is this?
Because women feel safer and are less likely to acquiesce to a date request simply because they feel intimidated or pressured into accepting a date. The old adage that women are less superficial than men has been blown out of the water, in fact, if online statistics are accurate women are far more superficial than men.
Okcupid found that with a ranking of 1 to 5 only 5% of men were found to be a 5, the vast majority of men fell in the 2 ranking and women were 3 times more likely to rank men a 1. Men on the other hand ranked 30% of women a 5 and all but 5% were ranked equal to or above a 3 on the scale.
Is this a bad thing? No, it means that women are now given a venue to be true to themselves. What we are seeing is that a small minority of men are dating a larger segment of women. Though studies have also shown that the more selective women also tend to have the shorter relationships as well. That is up to the individual to decide whether it's a good thing or not.
All in all, women now have the power when it comes to dating, they can pick and choose and "like" and "love" to express their desire at their leisure, and in the end it comes down to what they want. Men, in regards to dating in the new century are taking a back seat and have a less dominant role compared to the previous centuries.
In my opinion this is just evolution at work.