Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Reddit? Well you should have! Your guide to the one stop social news site.

You probably heard about Reddit or know someone who has gone on about it so much it made you want to shoot yourself or them or possibly both you and them. To avoid those types of situations in the future I'm going to tell you what you need to know and why you should use it. That way next time someone start's explaining the website to you, you can tell them you know what Reddit is and roll your eyes condescendingly but until then lets break down the site.

Reddit is basically a social news site, what that means is that all the stories are submitted by users like me or hopefully you. The stories are then ranked by the users in order of popularity, you can choose to vote an article up or down according to how relevant you feel it is. The site is broken down into what are called subreddits, those are groups where users post links or original content about topics relevant to the subreddit. Do you like cat memes (Fuck yeah you do) there's a subreddit for that. Like news about "50 Shades of Grey?" (Fuck, no you don't) Well you don't have to subscribe to that. See that's how it works, when you find a group you like, you subscribe to it, which is the same as hitting the "Like" button on Facebook. So when you want to find out what's new you can logon and look through your subreddits and check out the areas you enjoy. Be warned there are a lot of subreddits and you will be overwhelmed at first. Also, you need to be careful, there are a lot dark seedy rooms there, with all sorts of naughty stuff you might not want to see. I mean you can do a search for anything and you will find a link about it. That's a good thing and a bad thing.

When you register, it's not Facebook, so don't use your actual name as your login/screen name, pick something original and interesting. Also be warned the whole Reddit scene can be as cliquey as high school once in awhile. Like every social site it has it's drama and the key to that is to just tear into the bastards until they bleed, just kidding, just ignore them. 

There are other social media sites out there as well and you can search them out but honestly, Reddit is the first and biggest around. So now you know what Reddit is so follow the links I've outlined and check it out for yourself. Remember that the best thing about Reddit is that it educates you and provides a forum to discuss the topics you are interested in. Now go out there and have fun.

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