Thursday, July 11, 2013

Humble Bundle, get games and feel good about yourself while doing it!

I wanted to tell everyone about "Humble Bundle." They are a non-profit company that raises money by receiving donations from avid gamers and in exchange developers provide games. So this is how it works, lets say you go to Humble Bundle and see a group of games that you like and you are feeling generous, contrite or just greedy and decide to donate some money. Well you will always get some of the games listed but typically you have to donate a minimum amount to get all the games listed. The way you get your games is via digital format whether it's through Steam or direct download depends on the developer providing the game but so far Steam has always been an option for PC downloads. They also have quite a few Android bundles on their site to.

As you can tell I'm a big fan and typically I donate what I can to them and if I already have the Steam keys for the games I just wait and gift them as presents later to people. So check out and get on their email list if you are a gamer. You'll be getting some great games and helping some great causes as well.

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