Tuesday, December 8, 2009

News of the Day Dec. 8th, 2009

So the internet seems a buzz over Tiger Woods scandalous affairs. Now up to 10 reported, though unconfirmed mistresses, some of whom he has also been reported having tried to pay off. I guess no one can believe that Tiger Woods had it in him. Continuously touted as the boy next door, all-american husband, he has now become in reality the real all-american husband since we do have one of the highest rates of adultery in the world. I'm just going to say that when thisstory becomes old news I'll be much more intent on perusing the internet for more substantial gossip news.

In other news, Bryant Gumble discussed for the first time that he had surgery to remove a tumor from his lung two months ago. He let the news out while hosting Live! With Regis and Kelly during December 8th's showing, where he's been filling in for Regis.

CBS has cancelled As the World Turns, which adds to the pile of already canceled soaps. The show, in it's 54th year, has begun shopping around for new venues but it's hard to optimistic after seeing how well Guiding Light did using the same approach. The final episode will air in September.

Tune in tonight for the return of Better off Ted, in my opinion one of the best comedies this season. Nominated for "Best Comedy" in the Ewwy's (Comedy equivalent of the Emmy's), the show, with Modern Family and Cougars, has helped place ABC at the top of the list for Sitcoms. If you like the Office I think you'll find the quirky humor of Better off Ted a nice change of pace. Check it out on ABC tonight at 9:30 est/pst, 8:30 cen pm.

Check back for updates. Thanks again for reading.

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