Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brittany Murphy Dies at Age 32.

Though we never truly know the people we see on television or the silver screen we do become fond of them. Maybe because as much as we hate to admit it we feel attachments to other people when we find something good in them. Brittany Murphy was always enjoyable to watch in what ever role she played. She played many different characters but for the most part she played the sweet and caring girl who was often underestimated.

I once heard that a good actor is not able to portray that which they cannot feel. I think that Brittany Murphy was as nice and caring as those people who attest to knowing her say she was. With that in mind it is a sad day to see someone so young pass away. Now that she has passed on I think we will feel that we underestimated the impact one person on television or the movie screen can have on each and every one of us. I hope we remember her for the joy she brought those that watched her and remember that beside the characters she portrayed, there was a woman here. This woman had a husband and a family and right now I pray they receive the dignity and sympathy they deserve in this most awful of times.

I think many feel the same when I say, Brittany Murphy you will be missed.


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