Sunday, March 18, 2012

Luther on BBCA and Netflix or Oh No! Not Another BBC Review!

I know what your saying, "This guy writes entirely too many blogs about British television." You might be right but I see so many great shows on the British airwaves that I feel this urge compelling me to spew out my diatribes of the great TV found across the pond.

Luther is another one of the British shows that has captured my attention, which to be honest is somewhat hard to do. I started watching it on a whim, after reading the somewhat bleak description given on Netflix. From the first episode it sunk it's hook into me and reeled me in with what was a a surprisingly short fight. I have so many TV shows I watch, it's hard to find another one I can invest time into but this one was worth it.

Luther is another cop show, and you are thinking, "gee whiz not another one of those." Don't hit the home button yet, let me finish! This one is different, it is a cop show that is shrouded in deep layers of gray. The subject matter is gritty, intelligent and fast paced. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and remains unpredictable. It's one of the few cop shows out there that takes a premise beaten sore and breathes fresh life into this often poorly done genre. It plays on the dark fascination we all have with serial killers and goes to the other end of the spectrum, how far can a man go to stop a monster when he is hemmed in by the fine letter of the law. What happens when he finds himself so divided that he start's to breaks down in the process?

The show manages to bring about an impossible amount of tension because the cast is so strong. The characters here are flawed and far from perfect. They find themselves thrust in to intense situations, where they have to decide just where they can draw the line. Then you catch them walking that line, like a tight-rope walker with acrophobia. Afraid of what might happen if they fall on either side.

So take a look and tell me what you think. The seasons are relatively short and easy to fill into a couple evenings if you marathon it or something you can treat yourself over the course of a few weeks.

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